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Friday, June 17, 2011

beatrice here~ heh, it's my first time posting on a blog, so let me figure this tricky thing out first:p
anyway, it has officially been a year since i joined swallow and i'm really glad that i had this chance to be transferred here. Although we may not have spent lots of time together (sobs sobs):) but those times we spent are really precious. and now, yunman has joined us too, so let's create more memories together:D YUNMAN, WELCOME TO SWALLOW<3
our full patrol picture(: :
i shall do a spam of pictures, okay but not really a lot:p mermories start rushing through your mind~
(when yen xin and yan yee first joined us:D )
(celebrating aline, madeline and yingxuan's birthday :D )
(and... celebrating minyi's birthday :D at minyi's house)
(swallow<3....ah didnt take with the wierdly shaped heart)
(a few more photos on facebook)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINYI!!! heh, hoped you had a great time today, although our gatecrashing was quite fail, but yeah, we had fun talking with each other, hahas love our epic talking today! and we had an epic time putting on the icing (hahas, aline, madeline and yan yee will know what i mean :) ) though it was a short duration, but im sure it was a great short time, oh yeah :D
lets have another outing in dec holidays k, everyone must turn up ah:)
okay, gotta go soon, shall post soon, lets try to keep this blog alive yeah! and thanks madeline for making the blogskin:D
beatrice :)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hey, i'm yunman here.

in case you dont know me, *cries* i am your new PS! :D you can find me on facebook :D but i've added most of you already. PORPORKEH!(chicken language for-hello) HELLO! (:

so,yeah. i hope that i will work well with all of you! and i'm 10000000000% i will. cos u guys are such awesome people! i hope i'll bond well with u guys, which im 10000000000% sure i will too :D
CAN WE DO IT? YES WE CAN!!!!!!!! haha i sound like obama.

lots of love,

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We are too awesome to be SWALLOW-ED.
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

heyya swallow-ians? :D
Our blog is like haha, quite dead :D I kinda forget the user and the password so it took quite a long time to come in to the blogger thing! :D
Oh, and camp has been quite awesome this year! With us being able to go on a hike because it did not rain :P Now I am kind of missing camp, but actually who doesnt have camp withdrawal symptoms right? :DD
Farewell and promotions are over, but I still have loads to say! :D

minyi, aline, janine & yingxuan: Thank you seniors for coaching us no matter which standard or where you're from :D And jiayou for your o levels and anything that you do! :D "Once a swallow, always a swallow!" Thanks for making us laugh, smile, went "high" sometimes and continue being awesome! :D Thanks for making the experience in swallow for me memorable! <3 i will miss you all! All the best!

beatrice, winnie, yeeyean: Thanks for making the experience in swallow for me a fun and happy one! :D And swallow is so lucky to have you all as their seniors! :D All the best in everything that you do okay! :DD i'll miss you all! :D Good luck for your chinese o levels! :D

yenxin & yanyee: Jiayou awesome-juniors in everything that you do! :D You all can do it! :D

yunman: Welcome to swallow the HUGEEEE FAMILY ;P You'll be a myllow now :P It's sounds so cool right! Anyways, you can definitely lead SWALLOW well :P Andandand dont be sad already okay! :D Cause you see we all have this extended family thing which has 2 patrols :D So ah, congrats to your promotion! and and and teehee and all the best being the new ps for swallow! :D

hmm have a good, perfect and wonderful day! it's like idk how many hours more to wednesday! :D oh, and can we take another full patrol picture with yunman inside during enrolment or something! it will be so cool right! :D Anyways it's time for me to go! :D I'll visit again! :D

-madeline (:

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Saturday, June 19, 2010



BACK 1 :


i designed the patrol tee
now ur need to pick like u want example front 1 go wif back 2 or sth like tat ;D
have fun choosing okayy!
erm of course the words will be neater ;D cos i was rushing today!
and for the both fronts there is like this bird there then got like this space like a banner. inside the banner will be each of your names eg the shirt belongs to minyi then will put minyi inside ;D


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Friday, June 18, 2010

welcome beatrice as our new ps from hibiscus! i am sure you will work well wif minyi :D
haha rebecca u noe sth? you will be promoted! to older rebecca hahahah you forget that i even hugged you.
anyways yeaa i shall be nice for once and not say old rebecca anymore. and yutian you should have take the picture wif us! btw janice hows ur camp ;D and say sth to beatrice also. promotion you not there to hug them):
anyways greens, you are awesome and we love you jiayouu for o levels and we will be rooting for you! jiayou greens! GO GREEN! ;D

-maddie ;D

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Hi Peeps :) this is my first time posting message here :P Anyway the photo's taken during FAREWELL... sorry if its kind of blur or not clear :P People who are not in the pic are Janice (who did not go for camp),YuTian, Minyi, Janine, Ying Xuan, Aline :( erm we are all gonna MISS YOU (sec4s), must remember to come back and visit us OKAY!?! A lot of people was TRANSFERED OUT to other patrols which was really sad but none of us was transferred :D (*relieved *YaY!!!!) Welcome Beatrice to the SWALLOW FAMILY!!!


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PEEPS WE ONLY HAVE 17 POSTS ON THIS BLOG! Hence, everyone post your feelings about camp here! MUST MUST MUST! Write about the amusing stuff, times you felt terrified of the seniors, times you felt really excited and times you felt really tired!
Janice, how was church camp? And say something to the patrol!!! Esp to Beatrice :)
And if you guys have blogs must link!

Shall start first. =D
Thanks for the past 3.5 in Swallow Patrol! Thanks for all the memories, greens and whites and greys and red! Haha never knew being a Sec4 at camp was sooo tiring. The past Sec4s seem to have an easy time haha. Day 1 I was running everywhere, day 2 I was brisk walking, day 3 I was just walking and day 4 I was strolling. Must be getting old... Maddie, don't you say a thing :D
But gosh, day 4 was really saikang. Btw, saikang literally means shit work. In other words, very dirty work. Digging the ground for broken parts of poles... Cant believe I broke the pole into half! :[
Thanks for Farewell guys! But I want the rest of the present! Haha thanks for the dances, Minyi Aline and Janine! Thanks for the skit, Janine! Thanks for the song and video, Winnie and Yeeyean! Thanks for the hugs, Minyi, Winnie and Madeline! Don't cry, Aline and Yeeyean.
But camp was really great, despite the rain. Lots of firsts for me too! First time I could get a complete 72 inch pole out of the ground, first time I dug with my hands, first time I acted as a ghost, first time I was mistaken to be a Sec1 (nay Ashley I don't hold it against you :)), first time I was mistaken to be a Sec3 (haha it was quite funny), first time I got covered with bits of plastic from a canvas sheet. If only we could go on the hike :( But anyways. :D

Congrats to Aline on being promoted to Company Leader! Bring SNGG to soar at greater heights! Tough situations don't last, but tough people do, so we can rely on you! Congrats to Minyi on being promoted to Patrol Leader! Congrats to Beatrice on being promoted to Patrol Second! You both are from Hibiscus so must work well together! Beatrice, must support Minyi and Minyi, must guide Beatrice along! Janine, Yingxuan, Winnie, Yeeyean and Madeline, as Swallow Patrol you guys must give these three your support and co-operation! Beatrice, now you're part of both Swallow and Hibiscus, part of 2 wonderful patrols! Treasure them both! Minyi too!
To you Guides, continue working hard for the Companies! Keep your honor bright and bring honor and glory to SNGG! And make sure you live your Guiding life such that you'll never have any regrets! But most of all, enjoy and LOVE it!
I love all of you guys, SWALLOW PATROL!

PS. EDITED! really sorry!

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June Holidays
Friday, May 28, 2010

Yay! Uploaded our patrol picture!>

Not in picture : Yutian ):

Hello! (:
since no one is posting, i shall post after changing the blogskin...
it looks rather werid but...
give comments okayy :D
first thank all for giving me enrolment presents. they are lovely! (:
and take care of your health during june holidays okay (:
dont fall sick!
what else....
and try to keep this blog alive! it is like so dead. ):
i shall try my best to keep it alive too haha X.x
take care okiess?? dont fall sick and enjoy the holidays (:

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Figured out
Friday, February 26, 2010

hi peeps..
okay i designed tat thing on top in class today cos i was uber bored and then the original looks nicer hahax okay it is obvious.. our blog is uber dead cos no one bothers to post.. i didnt wanted to post janice told me to post...okay.. erm.. ya.. anyways i finally figured out who is janine yutian today haha.. next target ying xuan hahahaha kay sry peeps i am lame. erm dunno what to post now... okay erm just jiayous for wadeva u go ba hahax


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

haha hows school so far?? homework and tests sucks right right(: heh.
oh thinking day's coming. and someone just said "everyday's a thinking day if not you'll be dead" o.o or something like that. sounds quite muffled/:
haha. anws. HAPPY CNY & V DAY!
eat more junk food and drink! (water luh) lols(: yay. enjoy your short little break!:D

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New Member to Swallow!
Monday, February 8, 2010

Looking at the dead post of the blog hahax i decided to post. Anyways i am the new comer and the only sec1 sobs.. but anyways it is okay la..:) kinda find rebecca familiar then i realised tat she was frm kcpps haha.. sarah [bougain] too.. a bit slow reactions lol. anyways rebecca kcpps change quite a lot.. the canteen changed liao diff frm the one we were having last time and the principal also change lol u noe right? now yee yean and winnie senior liao happy haha XD anyways i wish all the sec4s in the patrol good luck for their o lvls may god be wif you.. score well :) haha and i drew janice a bday card.. it dun look like one.

Perhaps some sec2s can post too! Post often heh!(: February liao hope everyone have a nice month ahead!

-Madeline [Maddie] :)

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Post, people who still visit this blog!
Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hi Swallow Patrol!!!

This is my first post, so yay!
Haha anyway, it's a braaaand new year, a fresh start! Okay, fine, so it's not exactly brand new, but it is still Jan. :)
First I wanna say, welcome to the patrol, Madeline! Whee~ haha very happy there's finally someone in Guides who was from KCP! Heehee well hope you will make the best of your time in Guides and grab hold of any opportunity that comes your way! Otherwise the time spent in Guides might prove to be quite a waste. Find the fun in everything you do, kay? Yep, time passes super fast, so treasure what time you have! You guys too!
Winnie and Yeeyean, you two are seniors now, so put in your best in everything you do, whether it is something you want to do or have to do. It's really great to see you two soooo bonded! Friendships can be strong, but at the same time fragile. But Guiding friendships last forever! haha how random... random is fun!
Aline, Janine, Minyi, Yingxuan, notice the alphabetical order? haha well you guys are sec3s, so be more serious, kay? We sec4s only have half a year left, and it ain't much. Even 4 years is so long yet so short. The hopes of this patrol and the company rests on you guys!

Gosh, that turned out to be long. Shall see if I can post again sometime. Muahaha, planning camp is fun when you think of what you can do.... Anyway, JIAYOU in Guides and in your studies!

This blog is really really dead, so I have an idea! Okay, during the day, any day, if you have laughed, post on why you laughed! Or anything amusing. Or something that made you angry. Or made you sad. Because it's always good to let it out, instead of harboring it, yeah? We're a patrol, we're all in this together! So post it!


PS okay sorry janice i'm so slow! rawr okay just noticed this post is dated 30 Jan, so....

[edited 2/2 hehe]

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ekkkkkk!!! Our blog is dying!!!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

hello! haha..only one more month left for this holiday):

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Monday, November 16, 2009


HOLIDAYS are here! :DD enjoy yourselves okay! this is super duper dead, but wanna go out?? work out in the gym more(: and dun do homework the whole time, must play too:D yeahh sec4s, congrats!:D it's over, no more hw or anything((:

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

you're older now. which is good right!:D
love you lots!<3 hahas.. jiayous!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009



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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

haha i have nothing to post. lol. but okay some pictures :D

our NEAT camp bags :D
you deleted the other amusing picture O: but this one's not bad too. something like the mocca man advert, on the rooms. havnt do the macho one. okay last thing, sec4 campfire item vid!:D

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

oooh hahahaha the blog is so cute now (:
"We are prepared to cook, clean and we promise to be home by 7pm everyday." =.=
yay, i shall post our patrol pic taken during farewell (:


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Okay,It seems that i'm abit extra here since maybe the sec1s still don't know that im from swallow when i was in sec1.
Well,anyway i was(:

uhhh,i don't really know what to say.
ohoh,if you didnt know,janicechua set up the new swallow blog.
Let's give her a round of applause :D

And also let's welcome MINYI(Who was from HIBISCUS,haha) as SWALLOW'S new PS!
YAYE,im sure you'll work well with CHUAA!
Hibiscus and Swallow are so close can.
Kaiying and me were from swallow and now minyi from hibiscus is in swallow.
(okay,that sentence seems funny. lIke some weird english.or maybe just 'cause the sentence is long)

uhmmmm,i'm still lost as to what to say again.
OH!!chuaa,go plan parol outing,i can't wait!
Then we can all wear our
ORANGE(chua gets excited here) Patrolteee!

okay,enough crapping from me.
i have to do my homework,though i've done nothing! :(


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Saturday, June 20, 2009


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1. Enjoy your stay here.
2. No Vulgarities, or any Hurtful stuffs!
3. You don't need to be a Swallow to come here!
4. Once a SWALLOW, always a SWALLOW.